Aquarius PCB + Design Files (For Kickstarter Backers Only)

Northern Circuits

For Kickstarter backers that wish to purchase the Design Files and PCB add-on but missed out during the campaign, you can do so here!

The PCB will come with all major components soldered on with the exception of the header connectors.  We will provide both the XH2.54 header connectors and header pins for users so that they have the choice of soldering whichever they prefer.

The design files included will be:

  1. Full BOM (Bill-Of-Materials) 
  2. PCB Gerber file and ExpressPCB file 
  3. PCB Schematic file 
  4. Wood CAD DXF and PDF file (with dimensions labeled) 
  5. Main plastic component STL files (funnel, tank, cover) 
  6. Misc plastic component STL files (spring steel mechanism, spout) 
  7. Document with assembly considerations 
  8. Source code of Aquarius (this will be available to everyone)

When ordering the PCB, please specify your Kickstarter backer # on the checkout page so we can match your order up with your pledge.

(Some backers may have purchased the design files already and wish to only add-on the PCB.  Those will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  We will generally provide a discount code of $20 CAD to those users to apply to this.)

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