About Us

Northern Circuits Inc. is a STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math) product design firm specializing in kinetic art.  With over 10 years of experience in the technical fields, we combine that with our love for the arts to create wonderful products that demonstrate various principles of science while also creating settings that function as decor.

Our first product, Aquarius Fountain Lamp , campaigned on Kickstarter on November 7 2017 for 30 days and successfully raised over $53 000 Canadian. We launched our second product, String of Pisces , on Kickstarter on August 27 2019 for 33 days and successfully raised over $50 000 Canadian and promoted it to Indiegogo afterwards to reach $60 000 Canadian. 

With 2 successful campaign launches under our belt, we feel confident in our products and our future vision.  We will continue to deliver our innovative art products that instill a sense of mystery, intrigue, and curiosity that challenge the traditionally accepted canvas, song, and dance that so many are so used to seeing.

Proudly Canadian!

The String of Pisces ♓

Our latest creation, The String of Pisces ♓, is now available for order directly on our website!

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