FAQ for Aquarius Fountain Lamp 
  • Will you be selling the design files and/or PCB?

Currently we have no plans to do so.  Those were exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign.  We may make an exception on a case-by-case basis so please contact us directly if you wish to do so.  Our preference for offering this are mostly for businesses that engage in promoting Maker spaces, STEM education, and the creative arts.

  • Does it make noise?

Aquarius does indeed make a sound.  It sounds similar to a small stream of water hitting the surface of water (like pouring a bottle into a cup).  Do take that into account before purchasing.  That being said, its not loud and you won't hear it unless you're in the same room.  Some have used it for ASMR/relaxation therapy so its highly subjective.

  • Will you ever stop making these?

Yes!  Our production run is currently targeted for 2000 pieces, at which point we will likely stop and release all files to the public.

  • How comes it takes 3 weeks to ship out?

Each one is handmade.  The wood is CNC routed, and then sanded down heavily which takes roughly a day.  It is then stained with color and set to dry for 2-3 days.  4-5 layers of gloss polyurethane is then applied which takes 1 day per layer to dry.  Then it is sanded lightly again to smooth out any particles and another 4-5 layers of gloss polyurethane applied (again, 1 day per layer to dry).  Then the electronics are installed and some internal parts are glued in (which take 1 day to dry).  The final day is to run a stress test on it to "break-in" the water pump and internal springs/magnets.  In total, it takes roughly 16 business days which is about 3 weeks.  Our rush option reduces it to 1 week as we sub-contract the staining/glossing stage out to a 3rd party (they have industrial ovens that reduce drying time significantly).

  • What is the return policy?

As each piece is handmade, we cannot accept returns.  Though, we may consider this on a case-by-case basis.  If accepted, we charge a 15% restocking fee on the lamp cost (not including shipping) once we receive the lamp back (customer ships it back at their own expense) with the remainder of the balance being refunded back to the customer.

  • What's the warranty on Aquarius?

Our limited warranty period is 60 days from the date of you receiving the product as per shipping tracking information. It will cover electrical malfunction or physical damage caused by shipping/handling.  Damage due to user negligence will not be covered.  Once received, we will confirm the serial ID of the lamp with your order as proof or purchase otherwise warranty is voided (and the lamp will not be returned unless provided with a return label at your expense).  Please email us should you have an issue and we'll assess the best possible course of action.  Flexibility on these requirements may be subject to change on a case-by-case basis.


FAQ for String of Pisces ♓

  • What is it made out of?

All pieces are 3D printed using FDM PLA on our Creality CR-10 V2 setups.  We have made heavy calibrations over time to create mirror-like finishes on the flat surfaces of all the parts that are comparable to injection molded pieces.  Due to the structure of PLA, it means it is biodegradable and thus environmentally safe unlike injection molding.

  • What colors do you offer?

The base and the main lamp can be customized to be different colors independently.  By default, we offer black and white but many more colors are possible due to our 3D printing flow.  As there are far too many colors to list, we suggest you visit Amazon to and search for "PLA filament" to get an idea of what color you want.  Most will opt for Black and/or White as that fits in the most settings.


The String of Pisces ♓

Our latest creation, The String of Pisces ♓, is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo and our website!

Click on the image above to visit our Indiegogo link or check it out here on our store page!