BREATHE N95 Exhalation Valve

The BREATHE Exhalation Valve is a removable exhalation valve that can be retrofitted to most N95 respirator masks.

What is an exhalation valve?  It's a one-way valve that allows exhaled air to escape through a clear pathway and prevents inhaled air completely by closing it off.  It effectively increases the lifespan of any non-valve equipped respirator mask by dissipating humidity and heat due to exhaled carbon dioxide build-up.  The heat and humidity reduction also improves user comfort during the course of breathing.

BREATHE improves upon the traditional exhalation valve design by adding seamless removal and re-attachment.  This allows it to be attached to any non-valve equipped N95 mask.  Traditional N95 masks with built-in exhalation valves do not have an easy means of removal without compromising the valve itself.  They are either sewn into the fabric, glued between fabric layers, or clipped very tightly such that removal may cause cracking/shattering of the valve.  In addition to the benefits mentioned above about re-usability, there is the reduced cost to consumers over time (due to the increased mask lifespan) as well as a reduction in environmental waste from exhalation valves that are thrown away.

BREATHE Specifications:

  • Produced in Canada AT COST of $5 CAD each (N95 mask is NOT included)
  • Made of PLA (polylactic acid which is made of biodegradable corn starch)
  • FDM 3D printed using Creality CR10 V2s
  • Flexible TPE rubber gasket sheet included for the one-way valve operation
  • Valves will either be black or white depending on our supply (there is no choice of color at this moment)
  • 1-2 business days from order to ship with tracking included
  • Sterilized with isopropyl alcohol prior to ship
  • Washable for re-use

For a video demonstrating how its used, refer to this link here.


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