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Aquarius wins "Best In Show"!

Awarded at MakerFestival Toronto 2018!

List of Winners

Aquarius Fountain Lamp

Aquarius is a stroboscopic fountain lamp that manipulates water in ways that are visually impossible.  A stream of water can appear to bend, defy gravity, change colors, split off into multiple streams, and much more.  This is all made possible by combining the principles of POV (Persistence-of-Vision)creative engineering, and modern day technologies such as addressable RGB LEDs, programmable micro-controllers, and more.

Every Aquarius is hand-made with Baltic Birch plywood and stained to one of 4 colors of your choice (much more are available at an added fee).

11 patterns/effects are included which can be changed by a single minimal aluminum dial at the front to simply user interaction.

With a sleek and thin profile, Aquarius can fit into a variety of indoor environments as a mood and accent lighting and/or an art piece that will  generate gazes, curiosity, amazement, and bewilderment.

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