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Aquarius raised over $53 000 on Kickstarter in 2017!  A HUGE THANKS to all our backers and customers for making Aquarius a success!!

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Aquarius wins "Best In Show"!

Awarded at MakerFestival Toronto 2018!

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Aquarius Fountain Lamp ♒

Aquarius is a stroboscopic fountain lamp that manipulates water in ways that are visually impossible.  A stream of water can appear to bend, defy gravity, change colors, split off into multiple streams, and much more.  This is all made possible by combining the principles of POV (Persistence-of-Vision) and creative engineering.

A classic levitating water experiment turned art piece, Aquarius builds upon decades of POV research by integrating modern day technologies (addressable RGB LEDs, programmable micro-controllers, and more).

Scroll down to check out a few of the effects included in all Aquarius lamps.  11 patterns/effects are included along with the possibility of programming your own using the Arduino IDE!



Northern Lights

aurora in your home/office 


natures tranquil colors

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