COVID-19 Updates

As everyone is aware by now, the spread of COVID-19 has created a difficult atmosphere for many small businesses including mine.  Sourcing of various internal parts for both Aquarius and Pisces has been heavily delayed by manufacturers due to factory closures, customer backlogs, transportation and logistic shutdowns, and more.  Unfortunately, as a small time maker, stockpiling all these parts ahead of time is not financially feasible (though I do have a few on hand every time, just not enough to pump out tons of them).  This has lead to a delay in fulfilling orders due to slow delivery of the required parts from my manufacturers.

As of March 18 2020, I will be implementing an automatic 13% discount for both Pisces and Aquarius during this period for customers that are willing to accept a delay in order to keep things running.  Once things begin picking back up, orders will get fulfilled much more quickly (faster than before too).  This will not be retroactively applied to customers prior to that date as those required parts have already arrived.  I expect orders on/after March 18 will be delayed more than expected (though note that with Pisces, those are pre-orders so they won't be ready in the short-term anyways).

To receive the discount, simply add the item to your shopping cart and you'll see it applied automatically.  That's it!

Let's get through all this together and be safe!



The String of Pisces ♓

Our latest creation, The String of Pisces ♓, is now available for order directly on our website!

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